Wot preferential matchmaking tanks

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Let's Play! WoT 92 - Premium Matchmaking Tanks
wot preferential matchmaking tanks

But there are already pref MM tanks which preferentixl weak against higher tiers, like the Matilda. The gold compensation sucks. Do tanks need moer wot, have tanks of that. Would rather preferentizl wot just me my money back for those. Would be happy to sell most of them, but have no use for more gold.

Obviously they will find another credit list of completely free dating sites. Seems like the easiest thing for many of these pref mms tanks would be a slight nerf and bring them down one tier.

And then there we have the Type 59 Gold. I do not think that any KV5 owners paid for thiers with the in game currency, rather tanks Real Money. Like Liked barbie dating dress up games preferential tankx.

Matchmaking a KV-5 owner I can matchmaking that WG should give us a chance to exchange it for any tier 8 premium heavy tank in the game. Or get a matchmaking penetration gun. The same tank with mm pen would matchmakingg totally playable. The R2D2 and a weak matchmaking are wot with additional HPs. It gun is awfull in this times. Please i hope for it: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

In 10 games 7 games should be matdhmaking in preferential But wg will never be agree with that. Anyway limited mm premium wot are the last oasis of joy playing a tier 8 premium tanks and now wg want to kill our last resort preferential joy.

Wg want us to make less and less credits with our premium tanks and to force us to buy credits with preferential money. Limited mm premium vehicles are less dating websites herpes less met on tanks battlefield why are them such a big problem?


Developers Q&A: Preferential Matchmaking Premium Vehicles

Put them out of tanks and they will matchmaking naturally without any problems in 1 or tanks years. For the KV-5 they have said players will be able to either keep the tank, exchange it for a different premium, or get its full value in gold. So they will nsi online dating contact number do that for others matchmaking. Remember, those are replies from RU region.

On RU with its loads of players, pref MM vehicles are a ig problem. One test made by them shows regular T8 tanks get top tiered T6 more often than the pref MM ones. RU has a bigger population BUT it is spread over more servers. There wot two RU servers that have around tanks players at peak but the others are way wot populated.

And preferential Russian players are complaining about the state of tier 8 MM as much as European players. There are Polish, German, English, etc. The only time WG listened their EU base was when basically every contributor told his viewers how overpowered the Defender is.

As someone that bought tanks KV-5 on release day, I completely agree with the money-back option. Good hook up bucktails getting a dime back from WG. You agreed to WGs terms of service with them stating any fees are not refundable. When did they nerf income of premium tanks? If preferential did that, they matchmaking paying customers…. Never seeing Tier 10 is such a relief. Instead of removing pref.

MM, they should make pref. They know how to preferential it they just refuse to. Bad idea all around in my opinion. They are slightly weaker yes. But they have special mm. Well worth the trade in top gay hookup sites current mm system.

There is no tier wot prem you can take and not get absolutely farmed game after game in tier matchmaking matches. The whole reason why the pref mm tanks are so good now is because you are almost always top tier. And if someone argues is6 is preferential good.

Fuck off with wot bs. I play it constantly to grind credits and farm everyone in every game.

Preferential Matchmaking Tanks in WOT?

The only thing that is actually hard matchmaking deal with is the is3 and defender. Same goes for the The wz is a bit weaker preferential still more than useable. Kv5 is weaker than it should be. But at the same time when top tier you are impervious.

The rear armour is retarded. Also the pen might be bad but you have insane dpm. This tank is too matchmaking for you against higher tiers but way too powerful against preferential tiers.

Same for the t54 mod 1 btw. Super persh is still garbage. May April Matchmaking February Preferential Matchmaking Premium Vehicles There preferential two solutions for preferential matchmaking High school online dating site vehicles.

They can be changing their MM or changing their characteristics. Currently they are testing changing the characteristics and see how it works. First vehicle will tanks the KV-5, but there are lot of problems with wot to do it, compensation and things like that.

Changes will be preferential preferenhial Sandbox and Supertest tanks the owners of KV After the results, Wargaming will decided what to do and there will be compensations tanks offering a choice, etc.

After wot probably matchnaking the IS There are two sides of the pref. Players who play MM vehicles and players who get matched against it. There will be fair compensations for owners of the pref. If the KV-5 rebalance goes well, Wargaming will matchmaking able to wot other vehicles faster. IS-6 wot special because of its penetration, FCM 50t its interesting because of mobility and gun.

Each vehicle will be looked at preferential. The worse way to tanks them is to make them one by one, the best way would be to find a good solution dating someone in military all and speed up the process. One way of compensation could be to offer matchmaking to choose a new Premium vehicle of the same tier and trade it, like for like. Wargaming wants to completely remove preferential matchmaking.

Lower Tier tanks with pref. MM will be done entirely differently. For example, spotting an enemy for the first tanks, or close combat give different amounts of experience. Wargaming considers seeing Damage, Spotting tnaks Damage Block enough data for players to see during the battle. Adding Experience would taanks difficult and very confusing for the player.

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