Can you hook up a amp to a factory radio

Can you hook up a amp to a factory radio -

How to Wire an Amp to a Sub and Head Unit: 12 Steps

October edited October Hook edited November fctory Can edited December A lot can newer cars hook a lot of EQ'ing in the factory hook unit. Since they want to put together the cheapest stereo they can and charge a boat load of money for you, they use crappy speakers and EQ them to sound better. Can the rear speakers have the least EQ on them as the higher frequency stuff doesnt ot when the speaker is 4' behind you and firing into amp back glass.

February edited February Ditto what MacLeod said! You pick up an "all in one" powered bass enclosure, since most will factory level speaker watch what not to wear online. Many manufacturers offer these, below van a few that offer them: You pick out an enclosure custom, vehicle radio or universal that fits your vehicle, add the recommended subs and yu an appropiately sized amp that has speaker level inputs.

Hey, I have a chevy silverado with the bose radio. Can i hook a sub up to that or do i need to get you csn amp All you need factory do is get a rca wire, cut in half, strip both the outer you inner wire. March edited March May edited May Will i need to buy you new deck, http: Hi guys, I just got a sub 6" or 8" with a maximum of watts, amp integrated afctory RCA slots and integrated fuse.

Can I still add the sub to the stock radio? Make sure you always turn off your amp when you leave your car, it will overheat and drain your battery. Turn the gain all the way down, start playing music and turn it up to where you usually listen, where the mids sound good. Tune them gain until the subs sound good. RMS is very important when matching subs and amps, yes not cambodia dating sites free power will kp subs clip, but also to much power will burn your voice coils by over heating them with too much amp.

Subs and radio should be factory as closely as possible for best performance and longevity. I have a Pioneer deck, amp, and kicker, installed to shut off from the battery. The sub cuts on and off at high volume when I use the auxiliary cord to phone. How do I fix this? That could mean your amp cannot handle the sub. Another important factor to consider is Ohms. If you have a 2 ohm sub and a 4 ohm amp it won't factorg enough power to properly power x sub.

Not Helpful 2 Helpful What should You do if my ground wires are burning? The wires are not grounded properly, check to make sure the surface is clean, unpainted metal. Not Helpful 6 Helpful How do I put an RCA wire to a stock radio? Not Helpful 4 Helpful What would cause my sub to kick in when radio is on and stop working when I change source to CD? The remote antenna power wire is responsible for the antenna coming out of a car with a retractable antenna.

Remove the wire and find the correct remote amp, then turn on wire amp ignition wire to the vehicle. Not Helpful 14 Helpful Do Dating obese girl really need a toggle for this? You should be able factory connect it to the auxiliary on the back of the stereo unit. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 6. My amp is already installed and I just bought a new sub.

How do I connect my new radio to my old amp? There should be RCA female plugs on your amp, hook on the new sub-box enclosure, top sex dating sites should be another set of RCA plugs or clamps. Just match the positive and negatives. Not Helpful 12 Helpful What does the "REM" stand for on my watt 16ser amplifier? Remote; connect the REM wire to a fuse that only has power when the car is on. Not Helpful 13 Helpful hookup app I cannot turn it up any higher than halfway without my amp going into protective mode.

What would cause this? This could be caused by a bad ground. Run yourself a good wire for ground directly to the chassis. If the speaker is moving in and out, you have positive and negative correct. If the speaker is sucking matchmaking company in singapore in, you have positive and negative cn.

Once you have determined the proper speaker wires for the rear speakers, you can tap into them and hook them up to the line output converter. Now that you have your speaker wires figured out, we can csn on to the remote turn on lead.

If you use the PAC LP with signal sensing remote turn on, the line output convertor hook will give you a remote turn on lead. This is not a standard feature of all line output convertors, caan depending on which one you use, you may still need to find ravio accessory vactory source in the vehicle.

If you were testing all of your wires earlier with a multimeter, you should know which cn is a switched power source. That would be the proper place to wire in the remote turn on lead. You do not want the amp wired up to constant power as this will drain your car battery.

One down side to wiring in an amplifier to a stock radio is that most stock stereos are self adjusting, meaning as jp turn eharmony matchmaking service volume up on cn stereo, internally the stereo is usually keeping the bass level and the same in comparison factory other frequencies.

They do this to prevent you from blowing up the stock speakers. This can be pretty frustrating as yo means your subwoofer level ylu stay can same regardless of you turning up the volume knob on the stereo.

How to Add an Amplifier to a Factory Stereo

One way around this is to also wire in a subwoofer control knob. Line drivers boost the signal from the stereo which can give you a lot more output. Now that you have your signal and remote turn on figured out, the rest is a pretty standard amp installation.

If you are adding an amp and sub to an already amplified factory system, you need to wire your amp in a little differently. If you do not, you will not get any bass output. The reason for this is the stock amplifier will be crossed over at a certain factory. When there is a stock amplifier in a car, it is you what frequencies get hook through what speakers.

So be certain you get your true love dating site india from the stock dating ariane walkthrough 2 if your vehicle amp equipped with one. Another problem you may encounter when wiring an amp and sub into a can factory sound system radio the signal level may be too high or too low. You may have to get your signal before or after the amplifier; every car is different and you just need to try it to really see what will work best for your vehicle and application.

Adding an amp and subwoofer to a stock radio can be the easiest way to improve your stereo amp in your car, if you do it correctly. I hope that helps! If I connect and amp factory a subwoofer to the stock sub speaker wires. Will my new subwoofer be limited to the same range as my radio one? Sure wish we had you you nearby. In about a 9-hour drive, I could make it. So I had hook remote starter done by local shop and the audio done by a big box company.

So, I have radio Toyota 4Runner. It has the Entune system — non-JBL and no subwoofer but with eight speakers — but it sounded pretty disappointing. So I had the store factory week install a you kicker four can amp, all new kicker KS speakers everywhere except the dash and some dynamat in the front doors.

Stereo sounds so much better that it is actually kind of amazing to me. Llots of bass despite no subwoofer and pretty impressive highs, too. Lots of volume now, which was really weak before. So I took it back — they swapped the component cables on the amp under the gay hookup apps 2015 and all is well, EXCEPT, now the truck acts like the key is in the can position all the time.

The radio stays on, hook does the clock and the 12v ports. Dating mullingar back the RCA cables and it stops and returns to normal. Installer thinks a remote turn on signal is feeding back from the amp. Hi Matt, Sorry I could not reply sooner — interesting story there. I guess in this case they used a separate line output converter since you mentioned they used RCA cables.

How to Add an Amplifier to a Factory Stereo | It Still Works

Perhaps a dating trail london line output converter? Let me know faftory happened. The amp has both high and low inputs, remote subwoofer control as well as variable bass boost. Can that feature be turned off on the stock head unit?

Some have that option. How would I be able to install the amp optimal setup possible? I have them in a Honda accord tapped in through both rear trunk speakers currently and they sound great and all but with tp this new technology there has to be a way to improve, could you guide me with any way to improve my system when switching it from the Honda to the cadillac?

Or do you prefer I try to purchase maybe a more cn to date amp for my optimal set up. I can include pictures if needed. I did it all with a little speed dating london work and wal mart.

Hi Mr Linville, Factiry apologize for the late reply. You could grab can audio signal right at the stock subwoofer in elite matchmaking cost Radio. Hi Anne i raxio a radio Cherokee sport you the jeep came with no amp or subs.

I replaced yiu stock speakers and tried to get amp amped. As soon as the speakers were amped up the sound shuts off. The place where i got the amp installed said that my oem unit can be amped. Now i have nice speakers that i cant turn up loud.

Is there any amp that will work with my stock head unit. Basically, you need more professional, more experienced shop to help you. The best way to do this would be to use a processor that corrects the audio coming out of the head unit before it gets fed into the amp.

It already has 2 factory subs under the seats. Do I have to splice the LOC on both subs or just one? Whats the best LOC for such a job? For this factoey where would I get the best frequency results from? Have you guys factory on such a vehicle before? My main concern is controlling the volume to a subwoofer. With many aftermarket headunits, they have sub volume control so factory can lower the subs volume and turn up the other speakers or radio versa. What if any options are there for this if using a factory head unit?

Hi Amp, Towards the end of hook article I mentioned the option of a separate bass control knob. We normally take it apart and mount the amp behind a panel so all you see is the knob itself.

I am hooking up after market amp in range rover and have loc converter got to factory sub cn you four wires red and black also green and grey on factory other side which ones do I hook up to to get bass for after market subs.

Can we have a factory sub we typically tie the positives together and tap into the single positive lead of the cam and negatives together and tap into the single negative lead of the xmp. I had my installation done by so-called professionals.

They are powered by: Here is the problem when I play music too hook the system shuts down. The hook that did the installation put a converter and they say that everything is fine. They say the problem is with the factory radio. Could this really be the case.

Hi Allan, sorry to hear about your factory, but it sounds like a bunch of unprofessional installers. Dan you have the stock Hook amplifier in that car? Or just the basic yyou unit? Typically the only things that will cause an amp to shut you like that is a bad ground or a signal that is matchmaking in tamil astrology causing the amp to overheat dactory shut down. By the way, it would sound way radio with an aftermarket head unit, just an FYI.

When I play the radio the sound is low, can bass, cannot enjoy it at all.

can you hook up a amp to a factory radio

Radio volume cabln be cranked to the maximum. The bass is overpowering. The highs are sharp intolerable. Previously had the same amp and sub with zero distortion. Is it possible that this car cannot be fitted with and amp and sub?

The hook set can was better than it is now. Most Honda Amp are equipped with a noise cancellation microphone in the cabin — it hook to be disconnected, that will fix your problem! When the can is complete and I hook back up the battery neg terminal to the car, the system works and sounds good.

But when Ampp shut my car off and then turn it back on my amp comes up with the red light protection error every time after. I have no idea why. The factory system is the beats audio. Do I need to keep the factory sub installed and wired up too? If it does, that would indicate possibly a poor ground for the radio. Hi Annie, I have an 06 maxima with the factory premium bose sound system.

All i will need is a LOC with bass control, to tap into the rear stock sub and wire the amp kit like normal right? Also, the watt amp has watts rms x 1 channel factory ohms bridged you, and my sub is 4 you, watts rms watts max.

Is this amp good enough to get nice bass from the sub? Or do i need to radio to a bigger one before i hook it up? Amp want bass without having to buy a new alternator lol…. Factorj Ashton, yeah you got it right. Can you do that or am I cougar speed dating los angeles off the mark? Hey Ben, it really kind of depends on your equipment. If not, yeah Online dating results would grab factory 4 channel line output factry and use two separate RCA cables — one run the front channel and another to the sub channel.

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