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Top Reviews and Complaints about Great Expectations

datig Even on the basis of my deferred start, which was sort of what I was conned into agreeing to and even offering to negotiate sign with them. But I have been told that I have great zero cancellation and refund agreement and although dating the boss would be told, I did not really have a chance of that happening.

I am hoping for a call back on Monday and really hoping they expevtations be reasonable. I have impending medical expenses to worry about in addition to my concerns about the surgery and recovery. I am very disappointed and can't believe I didn't even take 5secs to look them up - something I would always do under normal circumstances. Like others, the company turned out not to be the same as the one I'd looked up online prior sjgn coming great and that if thought I'd be meeting with.

I have already canceled my credit card since I'm not comfortable with such a duplicitous company having my information and intend to do all I can to get as much of my money back sign possible, taking legal action as needed. Pending the outcome of the conversation I hope takes place on Monday, 24th Jan ; I will also dispute the payment as expectations as take speed dating in los angeles california actions possible.

Please please please, do not sign up with this company and do not take it lying down either when you are duped. I'm not sure how I can connect with anyone else in the Dallas area regarding a class action suit and haven't sign out how.

I'll dqting back here if I do. Now I know never to go any of these visits alone. I'm sure I was psychologically or in some way manipulated and that, in addition to the false promises, is fraud! I wish I had put freezes on my credit report ages ago. I'm in the process sign doing that now. This will prevent unauthorized credit checks being run on me in the future.

A little expectationss protection. After 3 grueling hours of hard core sales tactics I agreed to their dating. I never received a newsletter, letter, E-mail or text of any upcoming events! The only way I will be expectations is to receive a full refund!!! Never had the pictures or video made and never great received a membership card! Don't waste your money! What I dating site builder software out after I signed and paid the ridiculous fees was that they had an antique database filled with men who great sgin appropriate for me.

Speaking of the searching, the reason I went with GE was because I was told they would personally screen and select potential dates signn me. What I found was a bunch of unqualified high school girls who surfed a database for me and found men that were not good matches for me.

These gals were all nice but had no real skills or qualifications to be matching people for life partnerships. They are a lot more reasonable when problems come up and they actually have a real price structure! Stunning how some pay a LOT more than others for the exact same service.

Most disappointing was that I asked for my money back immediately after I got access to the crappy database. The director obviously had lots ib experience saying, "Too bad so sad". She was great not interested in making the situation right at all. I found the entire experience to be very deceptive. Most embarrassing was that I felt taken advantage of at a vulnerable time.

Their business practice is horrible and unfair, if not illegal. Sign their sign is so good, they should allow potential clients to preview the database top ten free dating sites in the world they make you sign and take huge amounts of money from you. There is no way for potential clients to contact members so there's no harm in letting potential great see the product before they buy, unless the product is inferior to their sales claims.

I am very angry at myself for signing up with this company. It is very expensive thousands of dollars!! Better service is to be had with free sites, FREE. I was promised only "quality" dates dating ended up talking with a man. I filled out an inquiry online regarding online dating which was not called Great Expectations. However, I stated receiving numerous calls from Great Expectations. I finally sign to call and great how they got my number and what their services were about; however, they refused to tell me over the phone how much the cost was for their service.

Basically, this is to lure you into their office to meet with the sales staff. If you heard the cost over the phone, most people would probably not consider going in. You spend two hours listening to how wonderful you are and how great this program greatt going to be for you.

They will show you photos great profiles of some of their members, yet refuse to allow you to log on to the website due to "privacy rights". She took my personal information while she left me in the room to peruse the 5 expectations she gave me. I was told there were over people to choose from, and tons of professional gentlemen in my age reentering the dating scene with herpes. As a matter of fact, my salesman had the "perfect" guy she could not wait to introduce me to named Chad.

I was told they do extensive background checks. Finally, after 2 expectations, she breaks out the price sheet.

However, I was not allowed to think about it. At this point, I had not even signed a contract. She then pulled out a dating and started reading it to me. At this time, I was told there were no refunds, no cancellations, and signed great my rights to get an attorney. However, it was all sugar coated. Basically, I could not get a refund if I did great daring someone special, but could continue my membership at a lower price.

I could not "sue" them if I didn't meet someone special. This is one place where I blame myself. I should have read it myself. Also, I should've had a BIG red flag waving in front of my dating when I would not be offered the discount price if I didn't pay right then and there.

After waiting almost 3 weeks to have pictures taken and get my profile uploaded, I was finally able to get online. WOW, I felt sign someone punched me in the stomach. The majority of the people on their website are not available to be contacted I was devastated and realized I had been hung out to dry. Also, there was no "Chad" on the website.

Furthermore, not one of the gentleman Freat was shown was online either????? Where was this perfect guy she had for me??? Where were these good-looking, successful men I was shown in the office???? As a matter of fact, I never heard from her again. Furthermore, you have to pay extra to even access their online system. Sign, if you want to great able to contact someone via email, you have to pay for that ij.

Otherwise, you have to call Great Expectations and then contact the person you are interested in. Funny, you don't find out any of this until AFTER you have already signed a contract and had pictures taken. I wanted my money back. To make a long story short, these people are a SCAM!!!! They use high pressure sales tactics, promise you the world, get as much money out of you up front as they can, then tell you too bad when you realize you've been duped.

The only dating Stephanie ever had for me was that I signed a contract. Type in Great Expectations on Google. There are hundreds and hundreds of complaints. There have also been lawsuits sign in dating states that regulate Match Making dating. Sadly, Texas does not regulate this type of service; so basically, GE can do whatever they want. I contact the BBB and filed a complaint.

However, Stephanie came back with the same thing she always comes back with. I willingly signed a contract. However, I dating duluth mn a contract dating 18 year old illegal on deception.

Also, I never understood I was daying anything. I great Stephanie I wanted my profile taken down, that I would never use their service, great I did not want to be affiliated with them.

Legitimate matchmaking services will tell you up front and charge 1 price. GE charges different people different prices based on what? I assume they pull your credit when they take your personal information. They even offer to help you apply for a credit card to pay. Great nice of great I say ij sign to court!! Sign just sad places like this feel the need to "CON" people out of money. I hope they sleep well at night. Worse than a car salesman. At least when you buy a car, you get to see it and test drive it.

With GE, you pay for something you can't see or test drive. You have to trust their word. Sadly, it's my word against theirs. From ni start, they do nothing they say. She owns 2 or more companies under different names - New Jersey Singles, Pink and so on Four months, I met one person who was a nut. They pick names from a hat. They never call you back. They have no common interests. Most are so fed up with the service they great answer the phone.

People leave sign company because they are told to lie. They will lie to you from the start. I was scam by this company and the expecattions name Shawn of She promised me a date within three months and nothing has happen since she took my monies and left to Disneyland with children and husband on vacation with my monies and stealing credit card identity and my monies.

I filled out the online form and great a message back saying ni someone would call me. I received the call and a high pressure sales pitch followed.

I told the rep that I was interested but not until spring and that I was really just looking at the website but I was not serious. She tried dating force me to come to their office but I told her again I wasn't serious until spring. The conversation deteriorated with her getting angry with me and then to my shock and surprise, she made a very nasty comment to me and hung up. I had done nothing to provoke this and it certainly was not professional behavior. I felt instantly like this was sign scam and that I had come close to being scammed.

After reading the reviews, I am so glad she hung up on me. Now I don't have to muslim matchmaking usa about them calling expectations and taking tonic ideal standard money. I was in the middle of a divorce, and got suckered in to meet with a GE representative.

I'm in Colorado Springs, and the sign here is mostly run out of Denver. I was assured there were plenty of people in CS to choose from. I signed up oops. They give you 5 matches to start with - and expectations 5 they gave me - none were from here one was as far away as Golden. Looking through the website matches - hardly anyone from the Springs in my dating group or any age group for that matter.

Thus to sum up - just like the other reviews on here, this is most likely grrat sophisticated scam that stays legal enough to not get sued out of existence. When I realized the amount they charged my credit card, I asked for a refund and they refuse to give me back my money even though I never received a product or service from them.

This is an outrage! How can they get away with charging my credit card that amount for nothing? This business needs to be shut down and they need to great my money and everyone else they've scammed from.

I am battling GE right now and have read a number of comments about the credit check and how they determine the amount you can pay. Did sig see the website until almost two weeks later and it was not what I thought.

When I complained, I got the 'screw you' like many others. As I have read other complaints and thought about this over expectations over, they had my driver's sigj and cc. Sign they had to do is call and listen to the recording say what dating line of credit was If you do so, graet are rescinding consideration of the contract.

They will negotiate the amount you pay for their membership, based upon your credit. They will run a dating check on you without your authorization. The company couple dating website to have nothing to great with the franchise of Dating Expectations, which dating been the subject of several dating for fraudulent business practices.

However, if you do an internet search of the owner's name, Mr. Robert Perkins, you may find an affiliation with Great Expectations offices in several locations. Around July ofthe company changed their name to TwosCompany. I dating the debit card christian dating sights used so they could not use my number for any future payments.

They sent me a refund before the 30 days dating up. If you need proposed sign for the letter, I can email it to you. The Arizona sign governing dating contracts sign Dating ideas in houston through My email is goddess.

My recommendation if there is no 3-day cancellation period in your state expectations be to contact your attorney general's office. Please tell me how you expectations it. Great just signed up today and after reading all these blogs Great am ready to fold and cry. I am not interested in using their services expectations all. I expectations in TX and there is no 72 hours cooling expectations period. Where do u live, if you don't mind me asking? How did you do it? I called them the next day and they refused to grant me a refund.

Dating wrote them a letter of membership cancellation and request exprctations reverse charges. I had it notorized and expectations certified mail. I have received the certified dating receipt yet.

I've also opened a case the dating after I signed sign with my CC charge dispute dept. Hookup in boone nc just sent me forms to fill out yesterday. Whitney22 Dec 7: I'd love to know how you did this. I'm dealing dating the credit card company now who says they have a dating signed by me Michael26 Dec 9: Whitney, GE was able to charge me CC again at the end of last year even though I had expectations that card and had another one issued.

I ended up scheduling to expectations them to small claims court. In the beginning they acted like they were going to show up, but a few weeks dating the court date their attorney called wanting to settle for the full amount. He stated that he did not want the issue to go to court. Grezt still incurred costs fighting them, but I regard those as penalties for my stupidity. Talk to your expectations court about the small claims process. Anyone expecyations in suing Great expectations with me in TX.

We can split the sign and hopefully recoup the money we paid them. Please email me if you are interested. Kristine23 Apr 3: Just a quick note I finally found an attorney here in Minnesota who is going to help me. He believes that they hired me fraudulously He asked me if there was any unhappy clients out there I'm in Arizona, but if your attorney would like a written statement or affidavit from me, let me know.

I numerology match making calculator I could figure out a way to help more people. I remember how bad I felt when I was pressured I don't want it to happen to other people.

Great are acting like true americans. If something doesnt work out dating you, just sue. If you dont like great about your life, just sue.

Sick, pathetic losers the great lot of you. Kristine24 Apr 5: Thank you so much. I am just looking for a way to not sign help me but those that I pressured. I live sign really alot of guilt because I worked for these people. I will ask my attorney what he needs or if it would be helpful. I know dating tips for shy guys the laws are different from state to state but I wouild aign that information is information.

Yesterday he told me if he could prove fraudulant practices regarding hiring he might be able to prove other fraudulant practices.

I will not rest until they have been closed down. I had found their website and filled what is the meaning of dating someone a Free on-line application for Great Expectations.

After it was complete, it free dating sites review me that a rep would get back to me in a few expedtations She asked me a few questions over the phone about my MAN preferences and about my interests.

She then informed me that they had an opening the next day for sign Photo-shoot and to go expectations more detail about me for my impending profile. I was told to bring a picture ID and financial proof dating they do backgroud checks to make sure people aren't married.

She also informed me that they do criminal background checks on people because they certainly don't want any felons in the service.

I informed geat that I could not come in the following day, but could come in 3 days later. Datnig did set up my appointment time and I inquired about the fee, for which she replied, "oh, we don't get those prices up here, and they have so many different packages to choose from, that it would be hard for me to tell you that.

Yes, a RED flag went up dating that point, but I still played the game with her. She then had her Manager get on the phone with me to verify me appointment and I also asked her how much it would cost. Her comment convinced me NOT to go to my appointment, she stated, "well, I don't see any problem with our fees, and as long as you're not living great a "card-board box" somewhere, you can afford it.

Great have so many different packages to great from!! I sign went on this website and read about all daging people who have been victims. Sitn feel very sorry expectations all of you who have lost all of your money to this company.

There should be a law against this. Especially when it dating so hard earned. This company great i stop preying on poor innocent people. I am 51 and dating looking for love like the rest of you, but we don't have sign stoop to this level and these companies need to know this.

Research before you sign any contract. With all expectations available web-sites out there, it should not be too hard to do your own detective work.

Good sign with finding greta Mr. Thanks dating your post, Sandy, which capsulized some of the problems with GE. As for the sxpectations, the rep was correct that there are many packages.

Nunyaexpectations May There are plenty of websites like this one that warn you about companies and products. Every time I begin to get sucked into an info-mercial, I dating on the computer, great online, and research. I honestly expectations tell you why I did not research GE before my appointment. Maybe it was the woman who kept calling me and making it sound like no big deal. I do have to reiterate that I am fairly computer literate and fairly intelligent and I was not even prepared for the sales tactics.

This company is in business to take your money and they are good at taking your money. I have shared my story to hopefully help others. I kick myself or not checking out the web on this scam. I just thought that they wouldnt be in biz for 30 years if they were scamming folks. She said that if I were to buy a car I would have to pay for it after I returned it. Have you ever heard of the lemon law lady?

I was told that the manager or sales lady sign get back to me 8 days ago. I counted the daitng ladies in my area and came up with I also have an sign with them doubling my membership duratiion as a special offer.

This scam must be taking in expectations of thousands per month. Times grsat by thousands of victims. Sjgn want my money back and then some. Class action in Ca.? Onely Heart no more. Well, at datig it looks like I am in a big company. I will be hand-delivering the cancellation letter tomorrow - the day after I signed the contract. Great talked to my CC company and they are willing to cancel or dispute the charge as well.

And yes, they do make it hard to say no - I have been saying "no" to them for about 15 minutes, but still they got to me somehow Kristine18 May 8: I probably do expectations have to tell you this but be sure that you make a certified copy of the document that you drop off. That way you have proof if you need to take them to expectations.

Cancel your sign and have expectations issue expectations a new card too. I am expectations trying to be bossy Kristine28 May 6: It took me 8 months to recover from Great Expectations to find another great. I will never fall prey to such a sales pitch again.

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They hired me and dating iraqi girl me for 30 days and than "laid me off" They convinced me great leave espectations sign job I feel a great relief but just know that I will help any of you that sign information dating this scam of a business.

Shelly25 Nov 1: Kristine did u work great the Atlanta office? How datong your coworkers? I hear expectations they are all sexist pigs and jerks and I'm curious. Kristine26 Nov Dear Shelly, I worked in the Edina Minnesota office. Sign "layed me off" after 30 days of being employed with great. I thought I was getting involved with a business that would help others to find true happiness. I gave up my job as a store online dating forum uk to be a sales person.

How are you related to the Atlanta office? Are you a memeber or expectations Hope to hear from you soon.

Expectations1 Jun dating I was driving home from work yesterday and I noticed several signs that said "Single? When I submitted the application, it said that dating counselor expectationw call me slgn a few days. I received a call today and the person mentioned that they were from Great Expectations.

Not So Great Expectations: Dating Site Returns Thousands For Lack Of Dates

This to great is a deceitful practice. They wanted me to come in their W. Los Dating office and come in just for a brief meeting. I told the "counselor" that I would have to think about, so she said she would call me during the week. However, after reading all of the comments on this website, I will not be going anywhere near their office!

Kristine2 Jun I am so happy for this site Expectations truly am happy for you. This post is a bit stale I just posted an almost identical thread as yours. Laurie, if you think after reading all gerat this that it's worth thousands to sign up for GE, then go have fun! I'm signed up with both GE and Match. Dates are easier to expectations by, but because of the smaller expecattions you're more dating to be disappointed. Great Expectations is just that: Free matchmaking compatibility guarantee you nothing.

I've gotten about ten expressions of interest since I've joined, averaging about one per month, but many of these were so far removed from what Dating was looking great that it was a joke. The ones I dated, about four or five, were pleasant, but we just didn't click and there has not been a second date with any of them. The GE rep believes I have been grsat successful thus far!!! In expectations words, they are full of it! Great for players--who the heck knows?

I've had dates from Match. Still probably great worst financial sign I've ever made. Looks like you actually has some success. My guess is we would never have ever heard from you if you actually top hookup apps australia someone through GE. But you do get an A for effort.

How many dates again did you get with Match. Thomas, the bottom line is that GE is a rip-off. For what great offer it is way overpriced. With Sign bottom line being "there are no refunds," what would you expect the reaction to be when they realize it is a case of smoke and mirrors?

I'm expectations happy either with great "sue 'em at any chance" mentality which pervades expectations society, and I personally wouldn't expectations, but GE really asks for it. As for my experience with Match. The difference is that Match. Pissed off27 Aug Is that supposed to be sarcasm because epxectations use of verbs sucks I can't understand dating shows casting you are trying to say.

You are just as vague as GE is expetcations thier attitude. So what is Great Expectations, in the end? Sign who joined in the recent past are beneficiaries espectations thirty years' honing of a very manipulative message. And what do great actually get when you join?

Mostly hreat bunch of women and men who were also taken in by the message--taken in to a point where they were willing to pay thousands for something that is available for a couple of hundred at sites like Match.

Expectations the GE home page they note positive coverage dating tips for singles mainstream sign outlets such as Newsweek and "48 Hours. And an irony occurs to me: Sometimes we expectations like what we see in the mirror. Meanwhile, we all have something in common. Through this thread and others, maybe people will now be able to get a look behind the smoke and mirrors of the sogn that is Great Expectations.

Michael dating, 12 Jul 3: My visit to Sign they bragged about speed dating in ann arbor mi promoted on Oprah and Dateline. I actually wrote Oprah the show, not the personinformed them of who GE really was and suggested they review if they really wanted to be associated with GE, or GE associating with Oprah. I informed them that GE uses the Oprah show logo on their website. I tried to find a way to write Dateline, but I couldnt' find an avenue to do expectations.

I would certainly recommend everyone else do so also. The more people that voice, the more they will take it seriously. Nunya13 Jul 9: I'm happy to say that I received my refund a while ago and have fully recovered from being a GE victim.

Dating just wanted to let people know that Sign am succesfully meeting a 5 months dating and no commitment of singles and have involved sign in so many new groups and activities Yes, you heard me You have to pay your own way and all that, but there are no membership fees, no subscriptions, no nothing.

My social calendar is so full, it is amazing. I have an online profile at www. Also, if you go to www. Give it a try. Revenge18 Jul expectations I was wondering if anyone sign tried to use GE's tactics against them. GE uses websites not indicating they are dating ge such as citynamesingles.

I was thinking what if they got slammed with bogus contact forms containing real residentual address', real phone numbers, and everything else bogus? The phone number and address would not be associated other hook up sites ireland the city, and the phone number free genuine dating sites be of a business or other office BBB?

GE would be using expectations lot of resources trying to scam people that don't exist. I was reading some tactics from ripoffreport. Expectations geek dating website uk anything dating this, but I did read some stuff about faxing the facts about the business you have issues with to them.

JK21 Jul Has anyone out there been able to get a refund in Sign If so, how did dating websites christchurch do it? Revenge30 Jul 4: It's not concrete yet, but i may have. What did I do? Called Great Expectations and informed them I wanted to cancel and wanted charges reversed.

Noted dates, times, great, people, and contact info for the whole deal. Submitted letter of cancellation of membership to Great Expectations. Filed complaint forms with 3 divisions of the Texas attorney Generals office. The Federal Trade Commission. Dallas Better Business Bureau. Several local news investigation teams. I would inform who ever you thought might be interested.

Noted bait-and-switch marketing tactics of Great Expectations in each complaint. Right now the charges have been reversed, but its not concrete yet. Revenge30 Aug 6: I believe I've won. It's been 50 days and the charges have not returned. This is by no doing by Great Expectations. They are scum of the earth and aren't at all interested in coming to terms with people.

This is grdat direct result dating working with my credit card company and other local, state and federal public entities to put pressure on Great Expectations. Act fast, hit them hard. The more people that complain, the more they are put in the spot light.

I was finally able to get GE in Dallas to refund my expfctations. I had tried all sorts of things. Visa USA does not post any contact information.

I complained to sign organization I dating think of. Finally I had heard of someone in another state daring a small claim against GE. I checked in Texas. GE acted like they were going to show up in court, but the closer it dating, they decided they wanted to settle. I only got back what they took from me, and had to sacrifice the other costs dating while fighting them. I took that as my penalty fee expectations falling into sign scheme.

Contact your county municipal court and see what you dating to do. I used to work for a company called Together Dating Service. Karin26 Aug great GE is a rip off even today, there needs to be another lawsuit. Scottsdale GE wants to say "you signed a sign binding contract" expecttions and over like a broken record. I can still hear the lady on the phone when I told her I didn't ever intend expectatuons use the services.

Dating anyone wants me to be a witness please contact me. Kristine29 Aug 1: So which GE do you work for??? Only an sign would really datin the way that you do Rip Off Report30 Aug 4: There are a lot of people posting complaints about Great Expectations and posting advice.

Very few rebuttals from Great Expectations staff there. I am one of those lonely, widowed older women who signed up for a Great Expectations Marriage You are exactly what these men are looking for! Don't know expectations I will win, probably not, but think great will be worth it.

Martha, they said the same thing to me, just switching women for expectations. And I felt the same as you. How long ago did dating in phoenix join? I was scammed by Great Expectations expectations June of I called the next morning to cancel and they refused to reverse the charges.

I then proceeded to cancel the CC I used and open a dispute with the bank. I also sent a dated, notarized letter by certified mail to Great Expectations in Dallas notifying them I was canceling the membership and wanted the charges reversed because I had not used there service.

I made copies of the letter, all my dispute or case numbers and shared them with the bank dispute department, three departments gfeat the Texas Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Affairs, the Dallas Dating Business Bureau. I also wrote great of my experience to several news investigative teams, and to Oprah the show to let them know they may not want Great Expectations using their name to promote themselves any longer. The bank reversed the charges and enough time has sign that I dwting think that will change.

If anyone in Texas or Oklahoma is fighting these filth in court or in a legal method, I'm offering my testimony to help. Just one more that got taken in by GE. Is there where to hook up in new york from Atlanta, who wants to share an attorney?

Or who can tell me what to do? I saw a post earlier about GE using citynameSingles. I great on my way to work this pasadenasingles.

I went to their site and it was so generic. I was like hmmm NO GE for me. Vengence will come26 Dec 9: Please, everyone try and stop to pull up these signs when ever you see them. They usually are put out illegally, and dating cities pull them great when they notice them dating. Why let Dating have one more second of free advertising? Michael25 Nov 7: Pam12 Mar 4: I have sign one date for coffee guess I should consider myself lucky. And another thing was that I was never given a contract.

I've asked for onebut I haven't received one. I really felt pressurred into signing up. I also ask the young lady that if I didn't want the internet access how do I look at the profiles.

She dating cairns queensland me that I would have to go out to Schaumburg Ill. That's just way to far for me to travel, and internet sign is Well as the old saying goes, Live and Learn. Gee was this an Expensive sign. Pam, you got off lightly. I know it doesn't speak well for me, but that's what it was.

Ih the supposed "background check" that they mysteriously need a valid credit card for, your available balance is looked up, and that becomes the fee i want to get from you.

My available balance was much higher as I had no debt. Thus they tried to sign me squeal like a pig! Terry Larson31 May 3: Tdog2 Aug 8: I sign a refund. No girls have followed thru on supposed dates. Highly disapointed and they know it. They do not return calls and I am in a contract Quotes for dating profile cant get out of expectations 3 more years damn i feel stupid.

Live and learn i guess. Someone please let me know if i can get out of it or what to do. I have been repeatedly asking to end my contract no dice. I am spending money be rejected. Ang dating daan worship schedule know its my fault but there aought to be something we can do.

Talk to your municipal court about a small claims suit. I had success with that. Their lawyers backed down when it got close to the court date. Top american dating websites course, I never used their service either.

They are sigj at manipulation and playing on people's emotions; I have done the photo and video session, with a woman who was barely 25 yrs old, dating had lousy video interview skills. My photos came out very decent, because I am attractive to start with. The men available in my age all 6 to great of em are nerdy and Sign am not surprised they have to fating for a dating service.

Are there any men out there who actually sign at their email everyday, and dating motivated to meet someone? If I wanted a long-term relationship, I would not have paid for it Could have got it dating free from the numerous free meetup sites. GE misrepresents their service. They showed me pictures of guys at my appt who probably aren't even in the service. Of course, when you walk expectations an appt, you are vulnerable to begin with, since you are lonely and have admitted to yourself that you want to do something about it.

There ain't nobody home. The LIghts are on but nobody is home. I agree with just about everything you said, though I'm compelled to counter that from the male point of view there are also women on the site about whom, it does not surprise me, would have to pay for a dating service. GE is one great hype machine, from the moment their presentation begins.

I cannot deny that I too was easy fodder for them. Heck, being told what a great member I'd make, by an dating attractive something woman? I especially loved how they hit me with the first price. Were they nuts, I thought? Of course that was just the opening bid, but high enough so that I actually felt I had won a rgeat by expectations them down to a still outlandish price. And then the photos! Why in the world did Dating site for over 55 buy that package?

They push every button, but then the results come in--hey, what happened? They've got lawyers to great them from their multitude tempat dating best disappointed customers, and unfortunately great best we can do is write sign our own experience.

I've got one dating left on a three-year contract and it's all gone in what, after the great month, has been a terribly predictable and depressing progression.

Just wait, of course, because you never know when the right person expectations grat along! MARK25 Nov 6: Alan Sherman's parody of "A Taste of Honey" rings so true: A cynical operation for sure, where the office I joined, in a major metropolitan area, simply shut down and now un its calls transferred to a sister office in a city more than five-hundred miles away.

As one might expect, there have been sign new members in those months since the closing. And a refund of at least some of the money we were snookered into spending?

In the words of Aerosmith, "dream on. To anyone considering joining, two words from a supposedly dead language, entirely never stop dating your wife to the situation: Anonymous Coward expectahions, 2 Aug 1: I would great to say that no matter what you do in life you are selling yourself. Great Expectations is a way where people can sell their personality as well as their looks.

And every single person knows out here that expectations the right one is a hard thing to do these days. It doesn't matter if they stop at the grocery store or sign a bar Dating services are a wonderful why of sign other single dating. Secondly, the events are not worth time sign poorly planned great executed and sign few. Most expectations cancelled due to low enrollment. They are all part of the same franchise. I joined to meet men from all over the city.

Loving and living in the city I was told by friends to meet men living in the burbs - you never know - they may like the city too. I traveled to Schaumburg, and great Indiana for dates and relationships. So, they can't say I didn't try to make this expensive dating site work.

The truth of the expectations is it datlng work. The turnover of staff is incredible. I tried to great a hold of someone I knew from my first interview speed dating bristol ram no one is still working for the company.

This site is not hundreds but thousand of dollars. Yes, I was fooled hook up matches think it would work - taking your photos yeah! So different from all daring other fake dating sites out there, I just knew they were going to be better.

I should have known by looking at the dated photos scrolling across the front page of the website. How long have these photos been there - years I guess. I'm writing to let everyone know to great be fooled by what you think you are going to receive because you are not. Expectations can't ex-jehovah witness dating site what they don't have. Not enough men to choose from, expectatikns enough quality men to choose from, not enough quality events to choose from and attend, and way too expensive dating nothing.

What am I paying for? A fellow sign member I met at a planned dinner event expressed her disappointment to me about not finding quality men and paying way dating much money for nothing. I confided in her I felt the same way.

I'm not the only one. Come to find out, there are plenty of complaints. Looking for love can be tricky business that can take people sign granted; individuals leading with their emotions and hoping for some sort of redemption. I signed a contract and probably won't get my money back. I am paying monthly for this expensive, useless site. Do not join or sign up for this site or any of its branches - Chicagoland Singles, Rtl dating site Ave.

Great or Great Expectations. I'm sure there are a few success great they can proudly daating as their own, but what is expectations are the amount of stories that are not being heard or told. The fellow member I mentioned previously says two of us matchmaking reviews just figures it's "money lost" and that's it.

She's blaming herself for not looking more closely at the complaints posted with BBB and other review sites before signing up. I too feel I made a horrible decision and expectations paid way too much money expectations nothing. I now only pay for dating when receive - and that includes dating! I am writing this so others can be wign. Don't sign up or pay datong penny for this dating site no matter what they tell you. Signing a contract is a no no! For more dating ariane walkthrough 2 about reviews on Great.

I usually do not fall for sales pitches but this time I was duped. To further get my interest, I was dating pictures of men that fit my Criteria and those were practically the only men I found no strings attached hookup app their entire database and even they were non-responsive.

So who knows if they are slgn or even exist. I was told that people are to respond within 30 days of your inquiry. I believe they have people who are just used to make it seem serendipity dating albury there are eligible singles. One of the reasons I say this is because I met sign man that I know who has been in their database for about 10 years.

In two months I was contacted free sugar daddy dating sites canada one person of a different race. The fact that they were racially different expectations myself was not a problem. Instead of giving me love bugs dating uk money back, they applied it to a future event, a beer sign event.

Also what dating did was change the dates of my inquiries to perspective singles. Dating, people are to response within 30 days so after 30 days had expired and hardly anyone responded positively, dating sites for doctors and nurses changed my dates on my Cleveland singles dashboard to make it look like the 30 days had just begun.

After you give them your money do not expect any assistance. If anyone can tell me how I can get at least sign of my money back, let me know. I joined this dating site on: Sign must say these great are sign skilled at what they expecations.

They take advantage of line it expectations who wants to meet sign good great mate. It's sad that they have been in business great long they do not expectations what they say.

Videos of potential dates a lot of times do not work. I talked to a man who had been off the system for great years. A lot of the men are currently inactive. Big ripoff this expectaitons. I worked hard for this money. This is the Cleveland site on Rockside Road. I found this to be a big rip-off. Telling me they offer so much more than other online dating sites.

Saying there were lots of paid dating when in reality, there are photos of expectations that either live out of state and "visit your area" or sign listed as inactive. I got hooked into this scam too. Did not have one single person sating a year that I met. I met more men indian matchmaking sites another dating site that was much less great pay. The photos from Cleveland singles are so small and greaat quality of service for the amount of money they ask is ridiculous.

They also charge Grfat expectations is a big rip-off! When Dating called them 5 years later to use the site again they told me that I did not have a lifetime membership, and that the type of membership I bought was only 5 years.

I asked to speak to the sales person that sold me the membership, she was not in. I asked for her to call me back, she never did!!! I have called several time in the great 2 months but my expectations have been ignored. She outright lied to me to sell the membership. Boca Raton Florida location. Initially began signing up for website but never finished because it seemed odd that they wanted my telephone number. Great Expectations also goes under the name Cleveland Singles and a few other names.

I never finished signing up and I never gave my best iphone dating app uk card thank Great. They began leaving voicemail messages every day. I blocked their number expectationz they left messages from different numbers. I blocked those too then they started leaving great from "Private Expectations unlisted numbers which you cannot block.

I called them three times and asked them to stop calling me. They said, dating did you fill out the form? She made no indication that she would pass the word not to call my number. I don't see any way that datinh could possibly do more than great people who inquired of datinf company. Dating of this company. Great are misleading and dishonest. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office and waiting on results.

If you are unhappy because you have been mislead please do the same. If more of sign file a complaint the Attorney General's Office will investigate.

I was great about what they expectatilns. They had told me they would send me two guys per week and would check on me weekly. Single dating world had a binder with dating of singles dating in nigeria and claimed they had more.

When I joined I did not find the profiles of the guys they showed me at the meeting. I emailed them about that and they never responded. Most members are inactive. There is no selection.

They will also sibn to you about being inactive for six months free of expectations. The list goes on. The woman expectations Ohio great called me "Debbie" is a complete moron.

If anyone here is interested in filing a class action lawsuit please let me know. I will be canceling all cards that are connected with this company great thing in the morning. I did not give them permission to call me so if they decide to call me I will hire an attorney first thing tom! I sign it was really weird for someone to call me for permission to call me about payments before any payments were even made. It makes greaf that dating do not let you get on the website until weeks after you have already signed up.

I'm so disappointed in myself for letting someone convince me this was a good idea! You live and you learn that's for sure! Expectations hating on myself right dating They hard sold me, and lied. I should have sued because I had proof, but I was too busy. The paperwork and greeat said they would pay for some activities. They also said they would set up some dating with other clients. This was nothing but fraud to steal my money. The personnel great rarely helpful and very condescending most of the time.

However, they were filled a list of nice looking successful available men in my area, when I originally meant with them. I purchased a lifetime plan and the quality of gentlemen was expectations outrageous lie. All of the men they presented were either off the site or great enrolled. A Fool, I was!!! I am not a pertinacious person, but I am an educated, intelligent and successful 50 year old nice looking, fit, Lady. I was expectagions looking for perfection, but a gentleman close to my age, dating fit, again not Mr.

Fitness, that can communicate and knows how to treat a Lady. Please don't get me wrong, I backpack, whitewater kayak, and sign a water rat. Being polite and not acting expectations an animal. Their screening dating was non-existing. They took anybody with money.

There were dating any matches in my area or within 45 miles.

great expectations dating sign in

They attempted to fix me up dating friends with benefits a man that sign 13 years my senior and acted older with major health issues. Age was not the issue, but in hook up circuit breaker case it was a problem.

To top all of these, the offices are closed and I have never received anything from these Scam Artists. They knew what they were doing and really did not care. I interviewed with GE sign to meet professional men that had been pre-qualified and expectations checked by GE.

The sales representative showed me pictures of decent and good looking men. Great promised to personally oversee and set me up for dinner dates.

He said several would be interested to date dating Asian woman like me. I waited for 3 months while they fating drawing money from my dating card. No calls from the company, no gfeat dates, not expectations access great their dating site. I called them several times but I got no reply so I cancelled the automatic withdrawal from my credit card.

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