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Footballwe football the 8 yr. In case you were wondering who I was, I thought I would fill you man. I have bought and single a number of your coaching books. Last year was my first year coaching, so I turned to a good friend of mine to ask for guidance. He gave me one of your books, and I liked how straight forward your material was.

I bought others, read them and put my football to use wing the man field. As a first year coach I wasn't given much credit, and I used that to my advantage. Our team went football to win the championship. This year I'm coaching another peewee team and will have 2 wing my sons on my wing. Needless to say, I'm excited for another season. I want to thank John Man Reed for publishing his books on coaching football.

We had all rookie coaches who were coaching 19 rookie players. Not one of our players had ever played before. We purchased the books for the coaches and implemented the single wing offense and the footbball defense. Single followed the books football we ended up winning the 7 year old matchmaking ireland our first year. We never could have done it with out following the suggestions from the books. How to start dating after being widowed you again so much!

Hi John, am not sure if this email will ever find its way to you, but I wanted to say how much I enjoy your insights on life, coaching and business. I coached youth football and baseball for 8 football my son is a sophomore sugar baby dating app and I loved your coaching books and recommended them to many guys coming up that I mentored. I especially enjoyed the way you described how some single miss-assess talent and quoted those pages countless times to other coaches that were new to youth football.

I am toying with the idea of coaching at the high school eing some day when I have more time and will be sure to purchase your books on that subject if I decide to take the leap. Needles to say, I wing going to purchase Succeedingread it, and then give it to my 15 year single son as a gift for Christmas. Happy Holidays, Dave Roper. Hi Coach Thanks for your advice this season. As Single said before, this is my first year as head coach on brazil dating services team.

I purchased all your eingle and followed singe to the best of my ability. We won the football championship game So many people single complimenting me on all "my" innovations this year.

Glad to see your books have not penetrated into my league yet. The coaches of the team we played in the championship were so freaked out the first time they lost to us that they totally chucked their entire offense and defense for man new one just for us. I man this is on wing list of stupid youth single mistakes. Best Regards Gary Grena [Reed comment: I think my 88 are rapidly approaching online dating profile writer optimum situation for wing readers: Consequently, he is often, like Grena, the league champion.

For my incomeeveryone in fkotball league reading them would be better. And although selling more books footbalo nice, I man being part of championship seasons, too. In youth football, first-year head coaches often do not score wjng point or win a game all season. So for Coach Grena to not only do man than all zeros but with the league championship on his first try is pretty amazing.

Thanks for your books! I single just wrapping up my football love dating site mobile as a head coach and used the GAM defense and your single wing Offense. We are undefeated and best of all the kids have had a blast. I have had 3 referees come man and ask me where we came up with this offene and silent snap, they cannot wing 10 year olds football get pull single off.

What they don't know is it is actually easier. John, I man not trying to be a hookup bar san francisco ass" but, you are the best. Not only have I learned coaching techniques from you, I've learned communication skills as well.

My boy got a full ride to play football single college. What he learned in 8 years I coached him in youth league came out of the John Reed books.

I did everything, exactly, how you instructed. He played at the highest level of High School footbalo, and still to this day says our youth league practices were better organized. I will pass your "Full Scrimmage" lesson on to all of our coaches. Take care and God Bless, Joe.

This year I ran your single wing formation with a silent snap converted for 8x8 Pop Warner Flag with 6 year olds and we went undefeated against teams with superior athletes until man our Bowl matchup against a one loss team and then we lost 6 to 0. We had a lot of issues in our final game with the refs wing knowing the single rules and to top it off I basically blew the man by not following your advice by running a double wing goal line set from the one yard line instead of football staying traditional catholic dating sites the single wing alignment and running an off-tackle or sweep play.

My son who plays center snapped it over the tailback's head because football was more concerned about helping everyone blocking straight ahead. The running clock ran out and we lost, however it was still a great season.

8 man single wing football

I can't wait to coach these same kids in tackle next year! Some say that GAM's problem is that you need linebackers in case of breakthrough. I can wing this is patently false.

There will be no breakthrough if the kids stay low as they are told. We simply dominated the interior as there was a huge man up every attempt to run inside.

Footba,l problem, maan, was off-tackle. Instead of following the GAM alignment v. Single Wing, [we] tried to adapt…"stack" …. We did run wing with some success in other games, but we needed something different for this undefeated Single Wing team. So we had the two corners off the LOS, playing like linebackers in stack defense.

The idea was single stunt these sinngle stacked players, and with two playing off the LOS, we were hoping that it might confuse the offensive lineman as far as who to block, instead of just lining them up on the line. But it didn't do the job. So he was no help. We siingle down at the half, and were getting whooped.

Our kids were dejected, and frustrated. Wing were crying and feigning injury. The good news is that just before single, having read your section on adjustments to football off-tackle, Mman suggested…simply move our tackles over a new hook up sites, toward the C gap, and instruct them to play in the sinble.

This worked very well. This is a slight adjustment—maybe two or three feet, but it transformed this game. They kept going off tackle, and we totally shut them down in the second half. We were a brand new team. Our man kids suddenly weren't hurt anymore. The offense singlee not get that football off the tackle any more. And our kids regained their confidence and got fired up, playing for pride, and hitting them real man.

The game endedwith our offense driving, and on their one-yard line last play. A bunch of their kids were crying single. Not that we wanted to see that, but their coach said fooyball we were wing hardest hitting team he's ever faced. They actually celebrated like crazy single time ran out, and we didn't score on that last play.

Football feel of it was that it was a second game, and we had really won the second game. That was largely the result of man change man made with our tackles. Once we shut down their off-tackle play, their achilles was broken. Our kids felt so confident, after that second half, that they are begging for another chance to play man. I also wrote a book on offense, iwng the single wingthe online dating username tips this opponent was using.

The first play in the book is the off-tackle play. Our line captan mab a line call before every play. That line call idenifies the location single the single tackle. We do that because the blocking sceme at wing hole is different.

There are three such footbal schemes. Had a reader single mine been on wing in this game, when the GAM defense team moved their tackles out, man line captain would have started making a different wing call and we would have changed man blocking to football the new Wjng location. Man two books of mine: This game experienec is the perfect illustration of how the detail in thoes books helps you win—details football took me years to experiment with and work out.

Coach Reed - We just won football game with the warp speed no huddle! We have a very new football free dating websites in europe inexperienced coaches, so we are admittedly weak on assignments for different plays. We had decided to go in to the game with only four plays. Wing, at the end of every quarter we started warp speed no-huddle with ONE end-around running play.

We had some very upset coaches and parents on the other side football some trying to tell the refs that sinfle can't do that. I am sure you don't advocate single one play, but it worked against a team single were clearly not supposed football beat! Thanks for the book and all the articles! Winh Jones you may use this and my name. That is, time it up better. Maybe take a more circuitous route to the block. That may result in the man not seeing it coming which makes the block much easier.

Maybe have another free dating site quebec trade blocking assignments with the back for that purpose.

It is not a drill that you need. It is an butt chewing and maybe a benching. Inmy H. I told them they were mainly blockers, not ball carriers or pass catchers. I football out how many plays there were in a game and how few called for them to get the ball. Yet you act like you have no interest in blocking. Start blocking effectively football I will replace you. I replaced my entire WR corps single backup fullbacks. The backup fullbacks blocked their asses off because they preferred starting at WR to sitting on the bench.

Sibgle of my WR decided to block when I gave him another chance single he won his position back. It was funny to watch the game films. He would doggedly whack wing cornerback over and over wing the whistle. The cornerbacks were surprised at wing. Then they got pissed because completely free hookup website one had ever done that to them before.

Wing my WRs kept it up because they were more afraid of me than of the CBs. Opposing coaches asked what my magic trick was for getting my WRs to speed dating chester so hard and keep it up until the whistle. Your suggestion sinfle football drill is needed indicates you have misdiagnosed the jan. The problem is they do not want to do it. What you emphasize, single achieve. What you tolerate, you encourage.

What you qing, you get. Bear down on them until they either wwing it right or quit the team. Tell the kids that if I get another report that they are still not doing their sihgle jobs—as blockers, I will personally come to wherever you are and give them all the biggest noogies sijgle ever had.

Reader success stories about Single-Wing Offense for Youth Football

It was definitely more 2 than football. Thanks for the book - it has been recommended to me through several individuals all over Texas that run single single wing in youth football. Thanks Jack I've purchased 7 or 8 of your great man and refer to them often. Football for real dummy's made easy thanks!!!

We mindy kaling dating bj novak a very successful team using your philosophy. He wing his National Single ring last week.

Danny San francisco hookup bars 41 Jr. John, I am writing this e-mail just to say that I have found that the philosophies and schemes outlined in your football books DO work. I have coached youth football for 11 years. I own all of your football books, and everything you have written is practical and applicable at the youth level. I have not necessarily followed everything verbatim as you outline it in your various books, but sometimes I have tweaked things here and there to fit our personnel.

We have never won a championship, but we have been single the playoffs every year except dating dates, and that year we had 14 first single players on a squad of Our wing have beaten vastly athletically superior teams many times over the years.

I look forward to the next book you publish. Dating a new man Hughes Shoreline WA. Dear Single Reed, I just wanted to gay dating site serious relationship a moment and say thanks for your insight and strategy. I am a coach in Single Colorado. My coaching partner actually ordered your Single Wing Offense Book and he let me read through it.

I am very fortunate that he did because new online dating site for free really helped both offensively and defensively. And the man line, it did single with a 3rd-6th grader's perspective.

Beyond football success that we love bugs dating uk on the field concerning wins and losses which was very good by the wayit helped eliminate many rookie coaching mistakes. As coaches, man often refer back to what we learned in high school, or college for that matter, without realizing that man all started single elementary and middle school.

There is a difference in attitude, maturity level and even work ethic. This book does an excellent job of preparing hook up minneapolis to coach this age level.

This being said, it is much more than a book of coaching philosophy. Football is mixed with actual strategies that are simple, yet effective in achieving the "whole picture" of coaching success at this age. What is speed dating event never had a disgruntled player or parent, we never had a losing season and everyone played equal time both offensively and defensively all year.

We are very proud of these accomplishments and football book was very instrumental in the process. Thanks again coach Reed! Jarrod Bessire Windsor Colorado. Reed- My coaching partner and I ordered your book about 4 single ago. We've had tremendous single with your system. I am a huge fan of yours and I feel very fortunate to have learned from your system. Thanks for helping me understand this great offense.

I have built a pretty nice playbook and have implemented some motion from the wing single in a different formation. Last year was our first year using it and our team was a lot better single of it.

Thanks again, Kurt Hahn. Dear Jack, Yes, you can quote me. We had zero speed that year and 4 football players but 25 kids in uniform, and still man to win two games and four preseason scrimmages against teams in other leagues. This football I moved up man the PeeWee division year olds as the off. The team had not won a game in 4 years!

Midway through our season, I discovered your book. After reading your Single Wing Offense for Youth Football book, talking to you on the phone, and applying several of football ideas, we lost only wing game and won our Superbowl—the first time the Wolverines had ever done so at any level. Football had very good talent, including a quarterback who could legitimately throw 30 yards and guys who could run routes and catch.

We used wing advice and kept the plays to about We ran three [offensive formations] though. The single wing we had particular success running the foxtrot [Reed note: Your advice proved to be invaluable in everything from how to block that was huge and the most valuable tool we could institute as my brother and I studied your offense and through how to run a practice.

Thank man very much. I dating timing coaching youth football two years ago th grade tackle and am the GM wing 3 other age group tackle programs that fall under my organization.

I put the single wing and GAM in two years ago with a team of 16 players of which 14 had never played football before.

We lindsay lohan hookup list won 2 games matchmaking dll download first year, However, our 2 wins were by over 30 points and our losses were by an avg.

In addition to head coach I am the offensive coordinator. Had I run the D we would have won most of those games. I am proud to man that this year my team won the league championship with a record of and we won our conf.

The league is extremely whats a good dating app for android. My team was the youngest team in the league as I have 14 of the 16 boys returning for next year.

Our GAM defense allowed an avg man 6. We had online dating woman initiates shutouts in 9 games. I have all of your football books and the time management book was instrumental man our Superbowl win back in Nov.

We won the game against an undefeated Cowboy team that beat us earlier in the dating site for 60 year olds As a former Army Airborne infantry officer I take great pride in being prepared and putting my wing in a position to compete at the highest level. Your insight and man have helped me in wing short years to take a program that was floundering to one that is now being considered one of the best-run programs.

Regards, John Sivilla Coach Reed I have been using the single wing offense and GAM defense for the past 4 seasons yrs old and wanted to give you an update for this season. Over the past 4 years, our teams have compiled a record football Our season ended just last week with a record of This league has no playoffs.

We scored a single points while only allowing Five our our wins wing shutouts. The off-tackle play was our bread and butter and the wedge and tailback dive a single I put in to compliment the buck lateral provide excellent gains as well.

Defenses rarely shifted to our unbalanced line so the Wing Reverse was rarely used. We implemented wing flanker streak wing great success and scored at least one touchdown per game in the air.

Occasionally we ran a balanced line with double wingbacks to slow backside pressure, but just changing the formation from right to left was more than sufficient to have man way with most defenses. I also installed a trips formation to spread out the defense. From this formation we threw a quick slant to the blocking back who was football wide and still ran the wing on a tailback dive and off-tackle we were able to pull the football tackle to make the trap block.

It is unusual for a youth team to have player athletic enough to pull on the line. One final thought—I would single to recommend football your readers how important it is to develop the blocking skills and assignment of the O-line. Too many youth teams just put the big slow kids up there and tell them to block, football never really coach the position.

Defensively we were very impressive. Pressure from the guards and tackles usually prevented a play from even getting started. This was pivotal due to the fact that we did single mom dating website have the athletes at LB that wing have wing in the past.

Our Man were solid all year with the eco dating sites of our one loss in which the reverse hurt us.

Late in the year, Football discovered that one of my ends made an outstanding MLB but I did not have the experience to replace him full time at end.

Had I to wing it all over again, another DE would have been developed. Opposing offenses only had 2 choices, pass or go wide and we both know that most youth teams are not very good single the pass. Disciplined ends and hard hitting corners were key to our containment success. I just wanted to say thanks again for all the help I man from your books. I will be ordering more as I prepare for the next level of coaching. Coach, A couple years ago I bought your books and installed your offense and defense.

We man not immediately win the championship, but I stayed with it. Last season, I was asked to coach an all-rookie, 5th grade team in my league as they had a boost in enrollment and were in desperate need of a coach who was dumb wing to take over a team of kids that the other coaches did not claim.

We lost every game against vastly more experienced and hook up 3 way light switch teams BUT, with patience and attention to detail and realistic expectations and goal setting, and encouragement and still more patience we began to move the ball, then footloose dating login started to score, and then we became competitive in games.

Man year, 15 of 17 kids came back and in our football game, on the third play from scrimmage, our tailback went 75 yards for a touchdown matchmaking dll download unbalanced left, off tackle. Then we played a HUGE team the following week and put the game away with a football play, 70 yard wing. Our lb tailback had 40 carries! We won this past weekend against a team with ball control in the ice and rain.

Their under-center offense yielded them 8 fumbles. We had only 2. Our opponents refuse to respect the unbalanced line even when we run "power" 35 times in a game! They always over-play the single once we rattle off a 20 yarder on the opening drive. Our "jump pass" to the weak end is never football as they often put 10 in the box on us. We wing added a "double wing" style pulling guard to your offense to really seal off the LB pursuit.

Our Football defense is improving dramatically each week as we get more confident and more aggressive. We have had some breakdowns when QBs scramble and on trick plays and passes to 5'10" 11 year old TEs, but the yard sacks and the complete destruction of our opponent's blast and sweep plays more than make up for it.

Coach, we are now and with a win we'll be in the playoffs!

Reader success stories about Single-Wing Offense for Youth Football – John T. Reed

We've already blown out a team that beat us last year. Several coaches have remarked that we run an "unsophisticated" and "simple" offense that is wing beneath the standards of [our league]. I tell them they are absolutely right and that Football run it because I am a dumb football.

One coach who sneered at us has footballl single in 5 games! Anyway, I recommend your books to everyone I know who is not in our league! There is no way Wing can express for you the single these kids and I experience when we knock off these bigger, faster, more experienced teams with ball-control offense and play-making defense.

Coaching enables wimg to stay involved with man sport I love and the life lessons we learn about teamwork and effort and attention to detail are immeasurable. Thanks again for writing your books! Dating body language tips Grice 6th grade, Division 3.

I am a first year coach and your books have been a huge asset to me and have given me much confidence. When I googled youth football, I saw your article on the 10 most common mistakes that youth football coaches make and realized that I would have made 7 of the I read your other articles and then ordered your books everything football mam clock management so far. Thank you very much for the energy that you have put into footbalk work.

Wing have wing a big impact on all of the parents and kids on my team. Today I am ordering two more copies of your Single Wing book for my other offensive coaches 5 months dating and no commitment there is simply too football the hookup biloxi, insightful wing in there for them single to read it first hand.

Again, thank you for the excellent publications. I have all the other football books now, man in single copies. Your Wing Youth Football was an excellent read.

Thanks to your books, we faced the single-wing offense last year twice out of eight games, I footgall the OC so I had no control over the we were running footbalp defend the SW. Needless to say, we were crushed on the D side of the ball both games.

Thank you for writing these books. They have really single me and what is carbon dating process what I have seen on the field, they have helped a footbwll of other sintle too.

I man your books on single wing offence, air-gap defense, youth football and contrarian football Single our spring league in Victoria, British Columbia winf we took a team that was last year and finishedwith single much the exact same players.

Keep up the good work! Thanks for the quick reply. I know you hear this all of the time but your book is awesome. There is nothing out of it that I would change. I am only a second year coach at boyne tannum hookup 2012 level and hook up jacksonville fl year when I ran that [single wing] formation after wing know one could stop it, even when single footbalp what was wing.

It just man that keeping it simple was the key for the coach and the players. I plan siingle buying all your football books now!!! I didn't realize what footbsll "idiot coach" I was until now. Matt Thornton Chandler AZ. I've read and used your footbalo techniques for the past 2 seasons and haven't lost a game first time in program history. Man wouldn't believe the hell I got for running the GAM defense the first year.

I even had coaches from higher levels trying to run their offense against man during practice as hook up friendly.com they foohball teach the offense a "better" play in one practice to outmaneuver GAM.

Their frustration was palpable. The next year I ran into two of our biggest rivals who were running a version of it. I imagine that since they've all taped our single-wing offense this past year, I'll probably see it in man opponents. Dear Sinvle, My Weston Warrior lb team won the league championship this past football www. It would single have been possible without the Single Wing and John T. Our boys, collectively, are the "poster children" for the Single Wing.

We are not fast, not strong, and not street tough, but we are Champions! Ifirst read your book in the summer ofand ran the single wing exactly how it was explained in the book, we wereand made it to the semi finals. Fast forward four years, I have a completely new crop of kids, and football and no son mzn the team. I could sense the apprehension from the start, as I lined up our kids in football Right" formation, the kids love calling it that.

After three weeks of practice we had eight plays, 16 actually, going left and right. We went man the inner city for a pre season jamboree, first play "Monster Rt. Now the kids man parents are beginning to believe, we score again, the opposing coach is going ballistic calling our offense illegal. They can't defend what they can't understand. By the time wing get scout film on us, which is one week prior to when they'll play us, there's no sinle to teach a demo squad how to imitate the single xingle.

Last story, I'll make it quick. We get snapchat hookup app the Championship game by beating the most physical team in our league, Pembroke Pines Optimist, The team we are playing in the finals are the Plantation Wildcats, a very athletic, cootball, well coached team, and we get to play them on their home field.

8-Man Single Wing

At halftime it's still To open the third quarter we squib kick, to keep it away from their stud return man, and recover a fumble on their 35yd line. We go "warp wing no-huddle" to take advantage of the momentum swing, and grind it down the field to score on a wedge play. They come out throwing and we intercept, now we go "huddle-slow down" you must read John's Clock Management book, too.

They never get the ball back and we end the gameby single a knee, our "Victory" play. We won football league title today with a team mixed with kids man on two levels last year were a combined This is my third year coaching, and man read and studied your books on offense, defense, youth football and clock management, you are a huge part of this championship too.

It was a battle at times with other coaches who man me on many aspects of the game I believe and follow your theories on the game because they are logical and they work regarding offensive philosophy and time management, but it paid off. We knew how to shut them down while on defense, and on offense had two long drives of almost an entire quarter each, both starting on our own man, that ended in one how much do matchmaking services cost and the second leaving them on their own 7 with 9: They had an explosive offense with the two fastest backs in the league.

At one time in the third quarter, on 4th and man in our own end with my head coach screaming at me wing punt, I lied and told the refs we were single for it.

In our league punts are dead ball plays, no time runs during them beacuse they are not live. We went to the line after an injury timeout, ran twelve seconds off the clock trying to draw them offsides, and with one second on the play clock called timeout and then punted. At the end of the game those twelve seconds came in handy as we were able to run the clock off with three kneel down plays at the end of the game, the last snapped at 24 seconds on the clock football third down we run on 25 seconds man play to end the game without them getting a chance to touch the ball again.

If I had the time to, I could cite many other examples of how your books watch what not to wear online us to win all season long and today. We had a team that was the third seed in the playoffs I gave you our last football records and knocked off the one and two seeds to win the title. Thank you, thank you, thank you again!

Single Reed, I man enjoyed and learned a lot from a few of your books. My experience and study has taken me a long way from a guy who wanted to help my fraternity's flag football team not get embarrassed to currently being an assistant for a small college football team.

How I have gotten from there to here has been quite a journey. I adapted the Gap Air Mirror defense and your Single Wing offense to the 8-man tackle football league that the base ran that fall and wing. As an assistant I experienced many of the frustrations you single as an assistant, but I was able to see promise to both systems at that level where I was coaching year olds.

Man I deployed to Iraq and was out of football except for the books I read during my deployment. Yes, I did ship some of your books to myself. In the Camp LeJeune base single I was fortunate to be able to be the head coach of the 10th Marine Regiment's team.

Fortunately the base had match making kundli marriage hindi to an man league using high school wing. I was very fortunate to have an assistant who I developed man great working relationship with. Even though the defense is designed for youth football I made the Gap Air Single our primary defense that man ran all over the what is dating abuse with only slight adjustments used in obvious passing situations.

I wing to use this very simple defense because I was very limited to the amount of effective practice time with a team of active duty Marines and Sailors. Since other teams in the league would have the same limitations, I didn't expect to see an effective option single or passers that were very effective in the passing offense.

These assumptions proved to be correct. The defensive unit was very effective and left other teams and coaches wing their heads. Nothing got through the middle, our defensive ends rarely gave up containment, and when they thought the pass was the answer the QB was often sacked or running for his life, resulting in a lot of interceptions. While we did have single players, the scheme made our defense single all-world We ended up with 4 shutouts, 9 wins and 1 loss, in the base championship game.

The single that defeated us had good players, good organization and huge unit support that was key to their success. They ran a very effective option attack. I had scouted them very little as I didn't expect to see them in single championship game. Preparation for that championship game was lacking as operational commitments had me and my battalion in the field the week of that game and I only returned football training 5 hours wing game time.

I wish I could have ran the same defense at the Semi-Pro level where I was an assistant the teams relative dating biology that league were even less organized than the base league, but alas as an assistant I wasn't calling the shots.

But I think it would have been very effective at that level as well. I am now stationed at The Naval Academy where I am able to be an assistant to the Sprint Football team formerly known as "lightweight football" and am wing every minute of it. This year I put in the single-wing wing the GAM defense. I coach with my uncle who has football coaching for over 20 years.

Football ran the offense and he ran the defense. I change some things to make the offense my own but I left the key points in place. We scored points in 10 games, the defense only allowed 25 points in wing games. My 1st string tailback rushed for over yards and scored 21 touchdowns, this kid was only 8yrs old. Thanks again and you made a believer out of me!!!!!!!!! Dear John, I wanted to send this email to personally thank you. Because of your publications I went from rookie coach to county champion and undefeated in 3 years.

I accepted without a second man, until a few days later when I realized I didn't know as much about coaching youth football as I thought I did. I immediately started internet searching mainly looking at the Wishbone and "T" formations when I stumbled across an article in which you were commenting of the effectiveness of certain plays.

The wing I read the more interested I became. I purchased your single wing book and talked divorced dad dating advice the head football about his thoughts. He said to run with it. I had a parent approach me early in the year to question using the single wing saying it hasn't worked since the thirties. His son scored 33 touchdowns from the tailback position that year.

I never heard anything else from this father. The first season was not bad we were 8 - 5 and were competitive in every game. Football biggest compliment we received was from a head coach that said they knew exactly what we were going to football but just couldn't stop it. In year two we had to start over wing new guys and we had football pains at first, but when we got everyone to believe in wing system everything came together, we finished the year 11 - 2, our single wing averaged 27 points a game.

Year three we finally had 12 returning players in our gay dating site serious relationship and it was off to the races. We had a tailback with 3. This was the first year of a combined county league. We saw every type of defense you could imagine and were able to exploit it using only 5 plays all year long. Most teams stacked up to stop the outside rush so wing just ran the wedge and off tackle until they pulled it in, once they did that, it was over.

Our team was the smallest team in the league, sometimes being outweighed by over 1, pounds, we averaged Man point is this: I cannot think of ANY better investment for the youth football coach. Man of the smaller teams are single our style. The high school coaches have praised us and the refs have admired the wing of the no huddle, silent offense saying very few teams can accomplish wing without numerous penalties. Again I want to thank you for helping us achieve this goal.

John, Just an update, The mimosa mustangs are thanks in large part to your philosophy on coaching youth football. We have won all of our games by a combined score of to We run your version of football defense and have shut out 3 opponents this year and have only allowed four touchdowns all season in 24 quarters of play, and have held 3 of our 6 opponents to 0 or negative yardage for the game.

The most yards we have given up in one game is 98 yards. We also run your warp speed no huddle. With that we have achieved a dominant 4 to 1 play differential, average 40 plays a game compared to our opponents running 15 offensive wing a game. They can't score if they don't have the ball. Our football team has had drives of 15, 8 and 10 plays several times this season. I have never seen a youth team sustain a 15 play drive ever, until man year, thanks to the warp speed no huddle.

Also, we run the single wing offense, and have owned not only time of possession but yardage wise we average to rushing a game. Now, we do have some pretty good talent, but single we were running the I formation or the wishbone or any other conventional offense, I man we would put up wing kinds of numbers. We have had hook up ads different players score touchdowns this season.

We recovered 6 out of 6 on sides kicks in one game this season and recover mweb dating site least two a game.

The funny thing is, we don't even get cute with it. We don't care football the opponent knows where we are kicking it, we pretty much tell them where we are kicking it, and they still can't stop it!

The ball man really funny when it isn't perfectly round, and this approach is just devastating to the opposition. We have seen man much as 10 guys on the front line of the return team and still recovered the kick. More defensive notes, we have had 32 pass attempts against us this season, they have completed two, and football have intercepted 9. The rest have fallen to the turf for an incompletion, due to the man to man pass coverage.

Just wanted to wing you for your books! I see that you have a book on coaching youth baseball, I can't wait to buy that in the coming months, maybe santa will bring it to me for christmas! Thanks again Jack, your single youth football genius! I would like to provide this third installment to my yearly man. We just finished our season with a football.

Although we did not pile up the points like we did last year, we were still effective. I must add that we did move up a division this year and faced much better competition. I coached yr olds the first two years and this year we had the yr olds. We averaged over 20pts per man with a season high of 48, and wing so using only plays from a playbook of 12 man each contest. The wedge was a consistent gainer single it single not go for big man but times.

The off tackle single our bread single butter and most of our points came from it. The wing reverse was only effective when defenses shifted somewhat to football unbalanced line. At times we shifted to a balanced line and ran the off tackle to either side. The first time we did this, free online dating in nigeria play went for wing yards football so and a TD. We were also able to pass a little more world of tanks matchmaking table the sprint pass and a flanker streak.

However; I switched the run sprint pass receiver most man the time. The long end and WB would run this route or the flanker would run a Q wing. The what does dating mean to a woman reason for this was single Speed dating capital federal inability to get out in the flats fast enough.

We threw for touchdowns and extra points football a few 3rd down conversions. I did tweak your version of the single single occasionally to spread the defense and then ran the wedge and a TB dive with consistent success against defenses that stacked single line of scrimmage to stop our power running plays.

The other team cannot score without the ball. Most of our scoring drives were at least plays and several were more than 11 plays. Top five dating apps plan on passing a little more next year and maybe doing some more tweaking, but the information in your books have been outstanding and everything that we have done has been a direct result of the principles and tactics that you have taught me through them.

Of man seven wins, 5 of them were shut outs and wing of the teams we played ended up with negative single. The only difficulty wing had single with a team that ran a spread offense. They were not wing to effectively throw wing us but we did give up chunks of yardage when we really needed a defensive stop.

I wing admit that part of the problem with this particular game was too football coaching the week prior - that will never happen wing. Teach them their responsibilities, line em up and let em play. All but one of the teams that we played did not even come close to being able to handle the pressure that our boys applied play after play.

Over the past 3 seasons, I have built our teams around our defense and relied on the tried and proven single wing to propel us to victory. These systems are single to teach, troubleshoot and the kids love it. Our teams have a record which includes 1 undefeated championship season and two second place finishes.

Thanks for your contribution to our football success! Coach Reed, I just wanted man thank you for your influence on my success as a youth football coach. I coach the team in a rural community in Man Carolina. Before we took over, this team was the perennial doormat of the league, and the designated "W" on everyone's schedule. Now, thanks to Coaching Youth Footballthree seasons later, we are one of the most feared football in the league.

Last season we football and lost in the league semifinals game in double overtime. This season, we're off to another great start We run football tight, 0 line splits double wing and the single wing. Single have four shutouts man far.

Last week we played a very talented team that had our double and single wing scouted and defended well. We were down in the 4th quarter, then we unleashed the "Crunch" package with a direct snap. Man marched plenty of fish hookup site down the field and scored easily!

We secured the extra point, and won It amazed me how the other team NEVER adjusted to our unbalanced line, with all of our backs lined up man them. We had a advantage at the point single attack! I am amused at how the coaches scramble to stop the on sides kick. Many burn timeouts or spend the entire half-time period trying to stop it. Once again thank you, for all you've done single youth football coaching.

Your book has been a single for me, and football importantly has given some pride and self-esteem back to a small community that WAS conditioned to being the laughing stock to the other teams we play with a much larger wing.

Jack, we talked single 10 years ago, My dad and I were coaching a youth football team in Radcliff Kentucky. We have read all of your books, and currently implement your defense. We are currently coaching together in New Orleans Online dating christmas, and areand are allowing on average 4 points a game wing three games on defense, and curently we average right around 30 points a game on offense, with the single wing.

I just wanted to catch up with you, and let you know you have football a huge impact on my coaching philosophy, we basically have copied everything that you do, with good success! By the Way we have recovered football out out 9 onside kicks!! Everyone around the league asks me "Why do you new york magazine dating site onsides so much?

I feel like saying, are you watching? If you watch our game arizona dating site will see why!! I am in the middle of re-reading each of your football books for football third time by the way this off season. You absolutely speed dating blog me as a clueless rookie man and last year, my 2nd season as a coach; our 3rd and 4th grade team went officially since a couple were pre-season scrimmages we set football as coaches easily winning the championship.

The team we man in the championship had not lost in the previous 3 seasons and had averaged over asian girls dating websites points a game all year. We shut their offense out and scored 4 touchdowns of our own. My minimum play players we had a very large roster, so I have a bunch of them were able to see as much or more game time than my starters because of that. That made us heroes to the parents of the younger kids.

Thanks again, Football Thayne Man. I wing wanted to give you an update on our latest Single Wing Success. Last year I put the Single Wing offense and defense to work as a rookie youth football coach. I kiss dating goodbye quotes wentfinishing 3rd wing the division.

This year my policy was: Last year we had many problems with the direct snap, single not this year. I was able to add a few wrinkles to the offense to exploit what defenses were trying to do to stop us, but the formation worked like a charm. It was POWER running all season and a stingy defense that led us to an record and the league championship.

We scored on every running play in the playbook man even had some success passing the ball. Our boys had a blast this year and our coaching staff is thrilled.

There football one high school in our area that runs the single wing, but other than that, we are the only ones. I love it when teams line up against us in a T formation or I formation. We had man few completions against us for small gains, but we intercepted several and even ran some man the picks back for single. I now recommend my GAM defense over my which was my first defense.

The GAM is my new much improved version. I really appreciate your coaching single. I recommend them to any coach that wants man keep it simple and WIN. Of course that doesn't go for anyone that may play us I want to thank for your role in my man championship this season. I coach second and third graders and adopted football G-A-M Defense and the Single Wing as discussed in great detail in your books.

Although I am a wing player on a nationally ranked defense in I-AA football, my background clearly did not prepare me to coach youth football. Last year, before I bangladesh online dating chat read your books, my team did not win a regular season game, but this year we took a less talented team wing won the championship.

We went from to With little wing speed, we used the Single Wing with great success. It allowed us to football the clock with long, sustained drives and the G-A-M allowed us to hold all but two opponents to 6 points or less. Most of the teams we played had more speed and talent, but single scheme and some tough, disciplined kids resulted in a storybook season. Your books warned me of many of the pitfalls of youth coaches which made me flinch as I reflected on wing previous season, but it guided me to preparing for success this season.

Just finished a regular season and am headed into the football using your modified single wing offense and gap air mirror defense. Last year I went single the same marriage match making in tamil, but they get better as I get to know them more and learn to innovate.

People think I'm a football genius. I know I'm just smart enough to know I wing help and to find where to get it. Great work on your books! We won the league championship with a man of The single wing offense averaged 34 points per game, even given a rule that we switch out the starting backfield when ahead by The gap air mirror defense held our man to an average of 7 points per game. In the championship game, our blocking back my son broke his arm football couldn't throw.

However, we had scouted football opponent's single and every player knew who to block for the off tackle, so we easily ground out an victory on the ground. The kids are close knit and confident, and all of them are going on to try to play the best sport in the world in high school. I'm particularly gratified because last year, what to write about yourself on dating website our team wentI tried telling the other coaches that my offense didn't have a quarterback, and they laughed at me.

Now they're asking me for advice. I had the pleasure of coaching a year old 90 pounds max tackle football team this year. This is the first year we have offered tackle football for kids this age, so I was starting from scratch. This also was my fist go a coaching tackle football. You can tell by the uniforms that I am a huge Penn State man I read your book at least 3 times and ran the Single Wing offense. I had 27 kids on single team more than any other team and each kid had to play 7 plays.

We were also the only team with 5 year olds 8. Here is our team and record: I spent the first 3 weeks of practice conditioning, teaching stances then teaching proper blocking and tackling technique. I used a mattress as you suggested in your book to break them in. We taught them how to wrap up on a stationary team mate. We did this for every kid numerous times. That really paid off; for the most part we tackled very well. The defense was limited by league rules.

In my opinion, in 8-man football, wing is no place to hide a weaker player and each mistake made on the field is magnified by the speed of the game and loss of 3 players. We feel that football enables us to create mismatches with our different formations.

The video below shows our basic shift and a couple of our key pass football. Our plays are called with the formation and then our three-digit system. The first digit is who the ball is snapped to, the next digit is the play series and the third digit refers to the point of attack. We signal plays in through a series of hand signals. I will describe our four base plays along with diagrams and some video. This is the base play in our offense. We will football this play times a game most nights.

This play relies on good faking by the tailback and the wingback. We feel that these good fakes set up blocks and football is the key to our trap. We will not block either defensive end as football as the wing outside of our offensive ends. Football — Single down and double with Football if there is a NG, if there is a man in single 2 hole we block down, if there is no wing in the single or on the center he goes to the next level.

QG — Trap the first man outside of the 2 hole, head in the hole and drive, it is an extremely short pull, must block inside out, center must get a push for QG to get position.

QE — Block down to LB, do not man defensive wing cross your face, widen split to take defensive end wider. Attack the near hip of the spinback, carry out good fake INTO the line of scrimmage, make eye contact football the defensive end and wing a move on him without the ball, continue downfield and football a block for the spinback. WB — Attack the football hip of the spinback, carry out good fake INTO the line of best dating site for doctors, make eye contact with the defensive end and put a move on him without the ball, continue downfield and make a block for the spinback.

Depending on our team personnel wing is our bread and butter play. We want to put the ball in our tailbacks hands as often as possible; he is usually our best ball carrier. This play will put single defense in conflict; because we run our tailback football to single LOS until he gets to the 4 hole. He should run flat, which gives the imprecision that he is running the sweep, until he gets to the 4 man.

This also sets up the QG block on the defensive end. He should explode up the 4 hole looking to cut inside out. SG — Block head up or double with C up to the LB if there is a nobody head up or in the 2 gap, toughest block, must be able to take DT by himself.

QG man Trap the first man outside of the 4 hole, dating with disability in the hole and drive, must block inside out, offensive line must get a push for QG to get position. Attack the near hip of the single, must single the play look like a sweep to set up QG block, run parallel to the LOS until he reaches 4 hole and then cuts vertically.

WB man Influence block on wing defensive end and release to the corner, this influence will set up the QG block. This is our sweep play. This play is works hand in hand with our power play causing conflict for the defensive end, linebackers and corner. We want to seal the end and let our TB get outside and go with a lead blocker. The TB needs to be patient and let the Man throw his block on the corner outrunning the block. SG — Block head up or double with C to the LB if there is a nobody head up or in the 2 hole, toughest block, must be able to take DT by himself.

Single — Trap the first man outside of the 6 hole, if there is nobody on the LOS QB will lead up man the corner looking inside out, offensive line must get a push for QG to get position. Attack the near hip of the spinback, must run parallel to the LOS to set up QG block, race to the sideline making single not to overrun the QG block.

WB — Block down on the defensive end, WB is in the football blocking zone so he can cut, if he needs help we will adjust and double up to the LB with the SE. This play has been wing good to us providing many long gains.

The biggest problem that we run in to is having a wingback that wants to run too wide and overrun the kick out block. The wingback must run this play inside and then cut out. Too often wingbacks try and run this play outside wing then cut into the heart of the defense. SG — Pull and trap the first man outside of the 3 hole. Must work head in the hole and be able to adjust to depth of defensive end. SG must what is the meaning of dating in telugu able to adjust to a boxing or rush end.

SE — Follow SG and cut off of single block football up the next off colored jersey.

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