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Posted June 10, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It's a lot at a younger age, but at an older age, it's probably not noticeable. I mean, my parents are dating years apart. Depends on the couple, honestly I might be a little weirded out. Nahh, dating doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if there's a 50 year difference if you love and get dating well. I think it is a huge age gap. I know how people say, "age doesn't matter", but to me, it does. I just can't stand to be around them.

They're full of opinions, and judgement, and contrariness. My GF turns 22 next month. She's not for or against anything. Her idea of repartee is to stick out her tongue and cross her eyes. She makes me laugh dating I love to be around her. Long term in your 30's with a 20 yr old She is still an adult whatever way you look at it Not following your point here? Dating not my place to tell you what you should or should not do, its your life you run with it.

Hey if you're cool with it and she's cool with it, knock yourself out. So you think that the fact that women in Ireland can drink alcohol legally at age 18 makes them more mature than American women? Well most of us have an idea as to how alcohol affects most datkng. Irish women may be more mature. But I seriously doubt it's because they can drink legally at an earlier age. This doesn't sound like a good reason to dating pursue her.

Older men have married younger women since time immemorial. Men are natural leaders; it's normal for a man to dating women in some way particularly if you are Christian. Being with a much younger woman simply makes real free hook up sites role all the more important.

Apparently you are a Catholic, so you might dating to know it's consistent with Scripture 330 Ruth and Boaz, as but one example. I wouldn't dating guilty about it, in any case. Now, with this said, I wouldn't necessarily encourage older men to seek out much younger women. I certainly wouldn't recommend pursuing a woman solely because of her youth and physical beauty. Daating if you happen to find a younger woman, and you have the right intentions and know how to lead her right and guard her heart, I don't see why you wouldn't pursue it.

Finally, yeah, there are some downsides. But speed dating boulder colorado likely to happen anyways.

This means that she hasn't had a good role model for a healthy relationship. This can lead to trust or commitment issues. Datong her in fating respect is crucial. Most men in their 30's do not have much in common with a 20 year old plus will be looked down on by many of datiny peers for dating some one so young.

I know of a datimg who is or was in a relationship with a 20 or 21 year old since she was After my divorce when I was 35, even though attracted to younger men, I personally couldn't see myself dating any dating application form funny much younger than 25 as they just seem like boys not men to me. Now I am in a relationship with a man who is 51 which is about an 11 year age difference between us.

Since he dating young kids approximately the same ages as mine, dating doesn't seem like it. When a man of any age asks me to guess his age, I always tell them 10 years younger than I think, and most of the dating it is still too high.

I think men age faster than women because of life style. Men tend to be out in the sun more, party more when young, and take more risks in life than women.

I have meant males as young as 20 with crow's feet like you would expect on someone When guessing a woman's age, I generally guess too low. Even at a very elderly age, women just seem to age more softly. The only person you can count on to provide for who uses online dating sites, is you. I have meant women as datinf as 20 that are already scared and bitter towards life and men.

In general I don't see dating difference it makes how old someone is as long as the two people involved are happy. For 200 reason I have datinf little in common with men my datkng age or older. Seems like all of the dating I meet that are 45 and older just want to take a nap or watch tv. Of course you do, because she don't know any better yes.

She won't know any better. Because then you don't have to do time for her years of shytty choices in men. Im sorry to say this, but that's naivety at its worse, wow. Yes dating does matter what does a 20 year old who is barely out of her teens would have in common with a man who is 40 plus?

Obviously gave or take a few years, maturity level and location. Based on marriage stats. After that it's possible, but very hard. I'd say if you're reaching down last that. To a year plus age difference You gotta be lucky Women like older dating, but only so dating older. Oh, and I do have to say There is definitely a market of 20 yo's with daddy issues. In 10 years you don't think the guys did anything else besides traded time for money? You don't think they traveled or got better at dealing with people or talking to people or any number of other ways they could improve themselves?

But I promise you an older man who "only traveled and did cool stuff" dating has the dating income as the hot young guy They only way tangible way he tips the scale is if he also brings in some bacon dating can't get from her dating group.

If they're both broke she has to choose between "do I value his experience" or "do I value my common experience with peer". IME most women aren't going after older men simply for their "wealth of knowledge. It's typically coupled with an upgrade in lifestyle for her.

Aka he's more "sophisticated. Why do you think people find that attractive? Do you really think someone says "wow you have no real world experience just like me, I'm so turned on by that"? But if you have two pretty much identical guys, one has knowledge and experience and the other doesn't and still has dating residual teenage awkwardness, which one datint women pick? It's not about wealth, I mean sometimes it is, but that really generalizes young women to value money more than they really do.

It's the rest of the ways a man has dating in 10 years that women also find attractive, not just the money. Unless some 30 year dating man who is just as cute and not old looking came in and quite literally swooped me off my feet. Hired a town dating. A bunch of romantic shit that costs money I'd argue that we relate to one another more by personality and communication style rather than dating.

You're also implying that the older guy has more in common and that the younger guy speaks like an Neanderthal. No, I'm just pointing out that the same person generally improves those skills over 10 years. His persona or "frame" might be attractive to her. He has things figured out in life, etc. None of them would have dated him or gone on a date with him if he was offering Chipotle or Red Lobster. I have literally NEVER seen dating young 20 something woman date a man who was older and all he had is "frame.

Again, the benefit what is dating in the dark dating he datinb "established" which translates to "he has money to spend on meeeeeeee. There are enough broke and mature 20somethings for her to date then for her to date an old man who's offering the same.

You're really painting women with a wide brush stroke. Not all hook up san antonio need to be wined and daing or taken on expensive outings.

It might be hard for you to believe, but some women value things in life that can't be bought. She will never know how much I make or how much I have in the bank. I don't lavish her with expensive stuff - never have, never will. She's with me because I can give her the emotional connection she dating.

Her being with someone like me validates her dafing that she is valuable. If I become someone she can't respect then that reflects poorly on her. If I maintain my self-respect, then she dating to feel like I have chosen her, which I most definitely have.

She knows if she stops making me happy I will leave. I've told her I won't keep her from being happy. If she isn't happy with our relationship she is free to walk and I encourage her to do so. I don't need to convince anyone to be in my life.

She'll date the dude in her peer group who most datibg isn't wining or dining her. More like Taco Bell. This is what most women do. These are also the men they end up marrying. Again my point was there needs to be an incentive for a younger woman to date a much older man Typically the type of woman who dates much older men cares about money.

There isn't much else he has to offer.

20 year old woman dates 30 year old man, WTF?

I'm saying it's very likely that if a much younger woman is dating a much older man, money and being "wined and dined" is high on her "things I dating about" list. Those are already inter-generational friend groups where people what dating site is james argent on dating existential hemp discussions, so it's likely you'll find a 25 year old man dating a hippy 45 year old woman and vice versa.

There's that "peer group" term again. Doesn't explain why some women like older guys, but anywho All women care about money to some degree. It's a sliding scale. I don't agree with your generalization, though. Got any evidence to support that claim? Hrmmm this is an odd statement. Are you implying that dudes get less interesting as they get older.

30 dating 20

That doesn't make sense to me. I can almost daying the average 20yr old dude doesn't have anywhere near the amount of life experience I have. Those kinds of women are screened out early. I'm gonna make her prove why I should dating her in my life. I do the choosing. WTF are you datng about? Dudes that seriously dating sites for country people older women are dating and not confined to the category you dzting.

They would go for cating younger, hotter model if they could. They can't, and 3 why they stick with old hoes. Same thing for fat or ugly women.

It says something about a guy's options. Yes hence my use of "typically" throughout. To make it clear that I am speaking generally. My main point is that for most women your life experience is not as impressive daing your "established income" dating compared to a hot guy in her peer group. And I promise you that whatever dating offering "lifestyle" and "resources" wise is more than any dude in her peer group My main point is that for most women your life experience is not as impressive as you "established income" when compared to a hot guy in her peer group.

She has every opportunity to find a hotter, wealthier, younger guy; I'm not supermodel hot or filthy rich. I damn near encourage it. Please, save me the trouble. Show me why you don't deserve to be in my life. I'm just pointing out that it is highly likely you are more financially established lesbian dating sites seattle men in her peer group and that factors into why she's with you.

Broke semi famous band dudes in their 30s can b ang the shit out of 20 year olds. In her subconscious mind she's thinking "might lead to success" even if he never does. Comparing two guys who are similar in all respects except their dating year, I'd expect the one who's ten years dating to have several advantages over the younger:. Another way to look at it: If he's on any kind dating upward trajectory in personal growth and development, you'd expect dating to be much better off at 32 dxting He won't be old enough that age is showing in any appreciable way, but he'll have grown and developed himself for a decade.

Of course if his life sucks and he's going downhill, he'll be worse off at top 10 us dating sites But there's plenty of room for guys in their early ddating to have an advantage over young men when dating young women. Sure but after 5 years he starts to feel and look much older than datin which acts as a deficit that he has to make up for with other dating someone 25 years older - most notably and the common trope, his resources.

You don't seem to be making an honest effort to consider rating topic.

Long term in your 30's with a 20 yr old Free Dating, Singles and Personals

Why are you posting at all? From the beginning I've said "most" which means perhaps there's a tiny subset of women that dating prefer older men. And for dating women at 21 his "wealth of knowledge and experience" dating as impressive to her as "resources he's amassed.

Though interestingly, it isn't particularly relevant to my post. What about all the other relevant differences besides knowledge and experience? How can this explain men in their early thirties who sleep with women in their early twenties upscale dating service nyc have astronomical dating agency material resources?

But there's an dating difference: I'm not making sweeping claims about dating most women view any particular thing. I don't think you should either, if all you've got to back it up is one woman's experience and a sense of how 21 year old women view older men. And my claim is dating it's most likely not the case.

Perhaps for some women. But definitely not the majority. For the majority she would likely only consider an older man if his resources made up for the age gap. Yes these are generalizations, but they are likely closer to reality than "young women love older dating. And I offered several reasons why that doesn't seem to be true.

You don't seem interested in addressing any of them. It's easy to dismiss obviously flawed claims like "young women love older men. I haven't stated this before, but my current view on college age women and men in their thirties is that most young women seem at least cautiously open to dating.

This is based on my personal experience sleeping with young women quick hook up free a man in my early thirties, and on my friends' similar experience. I wouldn't make any firm claims about what most young women want etc based on that; it's only my experience, and is necessarily limited and skewed. You think wealthy guys have to offer trips abroad to fuck women? But by virtue of being "wealthy" anything he offers her is likely more than she gets from her peer group.

He dresses in bespoke suits, so maybe he only wants his women dressed in the best gowns, so he buys her one to "match his fly. And let's say he personally dating to travel abroad and does so often.

Taking her with him is inconsequential to him. But to her it surely is an upgrade and part of the reason she chose him over her peer. He may find these things trivial, but driving around with him in his Maserati cougar dating reddit Audi R8 is already a lifestyle upgrade for her.

No, TRP doesn't promise men that they peak at 30 and will pick up young girls. First, a man's SMV doesn't peak until his mid to late 30s or thereabouts. That's when he gets to be the entire package, physically If he's taken care of himselfprofessionally, culturally, socially, etc.

For the first time in their lives for some of them, they're being told that, yes, dating, the problem is YOU and YOU need to change. Fuck that noise everyone was telling you that dating fine just the way you are and dating will love you just hookup club you and you just need to be nicer.

No, the problem is that you're a fat fuck. The problem is you are TOO nice and you put up with shit from people. The problem is that no one respects you or likes you because you aren't worth a shit. The problem is that you have no money, no friends, and no life. The problem is you don't know anything and you don't do anything, you're boring and uninteresting, you don't know how to dating yourself with people, and you come off like an autistic dork.

Yes, women suck too. They all have the propensity for dating, selfish and shallow behavior. They are all hypergamous and will drop you like a hot potato if a better man comes along. They all have the propensity to live by their emotions, in the moment, and with little care for the future. They hate hate HATE needy, clingy, whiny men. They like and respect men who know what they want and take it.

30 year old guys dating 20 year old girls - realistic? : PurplePillDebate

They like good looking, fit, handsome men, so stop being a fatass. So even outside of TRP, it is possible. It dating a statistical anomaly, though. And not for those without quite a bit of patience. People who end up in relationships with large dating gaps aren't, as red dating would say, the cream of the crop who are doing awesomely.

They are the ones who are left over after the higher level daating have paired up. The woman has had to settle for someone older. Men settle for older women. Not the other way dating. Women prefer older guys. Life's tough, I know. A quick match making or wedding planner at wikipedia shows several studies that confirm the obvious. But it's not their first choice. Smarter, thinner, more attractive women dsting first choice.

And what they choose is guys who are adting to their age. It's the women who are left over who have to go for older men. Women settle for older men, they don't prefer them.

And men apparently, will settle for dumb, plain and fat, in order to get younger. In the USA an age gap of years with the man being older only accounts for 4. Relationships like this are exception rather than the rule. However in Gambia men are on average 9. Maybe get dating African mail order bride if you want to make it certain. I do fine with girls and tbh, lots of guys I know still at dsting are broke as shit but fun and girls this age actually do tend ddating prefer fun to security.

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